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Founder of Feel at Home Relocation
and Customer Manager

“Having lived for over twenty years as an expatriate and moved so many times, I know quite well from personal experience which needs are essential in the event of relocation. I also appreciate those lesser but equally agreeable services, such as the practical advice and tips you would receive from a friend regarding the lifestyle or the places to visit and enjoy in your new home city”.

Feel at Home Relocation was born from the expatriate experience of Stefania Molinelli, a real globe-trotter whose professional life has entailed various secondments to other cities, countries and continents in the last 20 years.

A wide range of extremely different destinations, from Africa to Paris, where Stefania had to combine ever changing cultures and lifestyles with managing family, personal and professional challenges. Throughout these relocations, Stefania developed important organizational skills and learned to be adaptable, and her extensive and diverse experience made her a point of reference for new expats in her host countries.

Back in Italy, Stefania worked as expats manager until 2017.

Relocating for work, alone or with your family

Feel at Home Relocation has extensive experience in national and international relocations. Our staff can help you to save time and energy and we guarantee that every aspect related to your transfer will be taken care of in every detail: from finding the right place to live to entering into contracts and connecting to utilities, from moving to personalisation of your new home. Our highly professional and customised staffs will ensure that you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free relocation experience.

Relocation services for families, children… and your four-legged friends

Feel at Home Relocation takes care of the need of every member of the family, from selecting a new home, to finding the school that best meets your children’s educational requirements, to looking for recreational and extra-curricular activities.
Feel at Home Relocation can also assist you in the recruitment of professional and highly-qualified domestic staff and tradesmen for routine or emergency repairs around the house.
Feel at Home Relocation also provides complete relocation services for your beloved pets, from entry procedures if you arrive from outside EU, to full support in your day-to-day activities (vet search, grooming services, pet-sitters, etc.) .

corporate services

Feel at Home Relocation offers its best support services to corporations for the successful relocation of valuable employees and executives, whether abroad or based in another Italian location. Our à la carte services include accommodation search, logistics, paperwork and administration, school and child care and domestic help. Our services are designed to make a delicate and complex move trouble-free.

Feel at Home Relocation

Professional Services

Our work is our passion.
We have extensive personal experience as expatriates, we have moved abroad several times and we understand your requirements perfectly.
We support our customers just as we would have liked to be supported.




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