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Moving on.

At the end of the relocation period, whether returning home or venturing forth to a new location, Feel at Home Relocation offers a wide range of check-out services designed to relieve our customers of the stress of bureaucracy and paperwork related to leaving and closing down the host accommodation.

Feel at Home’s highly qualified and skilled consultants and suppliers can offer a host of services tailored to suit our customers’ needs: from dilapidation management to the transfer of utilities, from the cancellation of contracts to removal services.

• Dilapidation management
• Closing down utilities

• Contract termination
• Cancellation of subscriptions

• Accounts closing
• Removal and moving services

dilapidation management

During a prolonged stay, properties are subject to natural wear and tear, in addition to alterations or additions made by the tenants to feel more at home. At the end of the lease, it is necessary to return the property to the landlord in its original state. Feel at Home Relocation will find the most suitable cleaning and house refurbishing services, and will allow you take time preparing for your departure.

closing down utilities and contract termination

Before departure, all utilities and contracts entered into on arrival must be terminated: electricity, gas, internet, pay-TV, waste collection, etc. Feel at Home Relocation will manage all paperwork for you with the different state agencies and suppliers.

Cancellation of subscriptions

Feel at Home Relocation will take care of cancelling all subscriptions taken out during the stay by the customer and his or her family: registration for residency, school, sport and leisure activities.

Closing of bank accounts

At the end of your relocation period it may be no longer necessary nor practical to keep bank accounts, insurance policies, etc. in your host city or country. Feel at Home Relocation can help you to close or transfer your bank accounts and insurance policies to other banks or insurance companies.

Removal and moving services

Last but not least, we offer removal and moving services for the relocation of all your goods and belongings in your former property. Feel at Home Relocation will select the most suitable removals firm to take care of the removal and transportation of your furniture, ornaments, paintings, clothing, cars and anything else you would like to move to your next destination.




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