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residence and work permits and living formalities

The process and the documentation required when settling in in a new city can be much less daunting if you delegate the overall formalities and paperwork to a professional.

Feel at Home Relocation provides specific and timely assistance to its customers, helping them to carry out administrative procedures when moving from one location to another. Our services cover Italy in general, and particularly the cities of Milan.

From help in obtaining a work permit, to the setting up of utilities in your new home, Feel at Home Relocation will constantly be at your side, and keep you updated on any progress.


• Visas
• Residence permits
• Change of residence
• Tax identity code
• Identity documents
• Domestic utilities


• Work permits


• Driving licenses conversion
• Vehicles registration
• Insurances and road taxes


• Bank accounts
• Insurance covers
• National health service registration

Visa and residence permits

After collecting all the necessary data, Feel at Home Relocation takes charge of the application procedures for visa and residence permits in preparation of the move.

Work permits

Work permits involve a lot of paperwork and lengthy response times.
Feel at Home Relocation consultants will fulfil all formal requirements to obtain any necessary permits, thereby enabling you to work in accordance with the law.

Change of residence, tax identity code and identity documents

The paperwork involved with a change of residence can be particularly daunting, especially for customers coming from abroad, and not only for linguistic reasons.
Feel at Home Relocation will provide you with a list of all the paperwork necessary to successfully complete your relocation, from both a practical and a legal-administrative point of view.
We will also offer tailor-made assistance to complete the necessary paperwork, acting in your place, where possible, where personal attendance is required, to manage the process involved in a change of residence, getting a tax code and identity documents.

Domestic utilities

Feel at Home Relocation takes care of setting up utilities in your new home. Contracts for subscription to utilities such as gas and electricity, internet, pay-TV and registration as a new tenant for the provision of municipality services, such as waste collection, recycling and disposal.

Driving licence conversion, vehicle registration, insurance and road tax

Feel at Home Relocation can assist you in applying to convert a foreign driving permit, if there are reciprocal arrangements between the State issuing the driving licence and Italy.
Vehicles with foreign licence plates may need to be registered in Italy with the competent Vehicle Licensing Agency. Feel at Home Relocation will, if possible, represent the customer in any procedure requiring personal attendance.
Our consultants will also identify the insurance company that best suits the customer’s needs for mandatory and optional insurance coverage.
Upon request, Feel at Home Relocation can also assist customers in the management of deadlines related to the payment of road taxes, insurance premiums and mandatory roadworthiness tests.

Bank accounts and insurance cover

Feel at Home Relocation offers assistance in taking out insurance policies and setting up bank accounts for the home and the family.
This service firstly identifies banking and insurance companies that offer products in line with the customer’s requirements in terms of opening a bank or post office current account and taking out an insurance policy.

National health service

Both in the case of transferring from abroad, and a change of residence from another Italian city, Feel at Home Relocation can help you apply to register with the National Health Service, replace your health card and/or change your GP.




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