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Are you a private person in the process of moving? Are you a company planning to transfer your workforce to Italy, particularly to Milan and Rome? Contact us at Feel at Home; we will be happy to assist you with all your relocation requirements and formalities.

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Feel at Home Relocation is a project of Stefania Molinelli, personal relocation consultant, stemming from her personal knowledge of the difficulties a family encounters when moving to a new city or country.

Feel at Home Relocation is an organisation providing customised services based on customers’ needs and focusing on time and quality of life management. Looking for a new home, finding the best schools for children and red tape can eat into the time available to dedicate to other activities, both professional and recreational. Corporations, in particular, prefer that their employees concentrate on their new position, rather than being distracted by the countless bureaucratic and administrative formalities that a relocation inevitably entails.

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Why feel at home?

Because everything will be so much easier! Do not waste your time. Benefit from the valuable support of specialised relocation consultants, who are at home in your new living location and will help you find the best solution for you and your family.

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